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    Weatherizing Your Simonton Windows

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Properly sealed windows will keep outside air from entering your home, and also prevent climate-controlled air from escaping. Minimizing airflow across your window assembly can help you reduce your energy bills, especially in summer and winter when you are running your air conditioning or heating system.

    This video from Simonton will help you weatherize your windows. You will see how to replace the weather-stripping along the bottom edge of your window sash, and how to caulk holes inside the window track and around the frame on the exterior of your home.

    If you have aging, drafty windows installed on your house, Progressive Insulation & Windows of Southern California can replace them with new, energy-efficient models. To schedule a window replacement consultation for your Thousand Oaks or Woodland Hills home, call us today at (818) 709-0988.


    Energy Upgrade = Happy Homeowner in Southern California

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Watch this video from Only You Can Save Energy's video magazine and listen to Bruce Loria, the happy homeowner, talk about how his house is now 'energy efficient' after we did an energy upgrade.  

    California is now offering rebates through the Energy Upgrade California program.  This program is helping many homeowners, like Bruce, with the costs of home performance improvements that help lower your energy bills over time.  

    Call us to learn more about this program and to see if you qualify.

    Energy Efficient Windows - What You Need to Know

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Here are some great resources for you to learn more about energy efficient windows.  We at Progressive Insulation & Windows hope you enjoy reading our blog and these other resources we found for you.

    Visit Amerimax Windows’ website to learn all the precise steps that a professional window installation requires.

    To learn more about the benefits of installing energy efficient windows, read this article from the Efficient Windows Collaborative.

    The U.S. Department of Energy provides more information on energy performance ratings for windows, which you can access here.

    Get more window design ideas by browsing through this gallery from Better Homes & Gardens.

    When you buy new windows, make sure that you hire a professional contractor with a good reputation to install them. Progressive Windows & Insulation installs energy-efficient replacement windows in homes around Thousand Oaks and Woodland Hills. Call us at (818) 709-0988 for more information, and visit the websites below to learn more about windows.

    Happy New Year!!

    Last updated 5 years ago

    We at Progressive Insulation & Windows wishes everyone a happy, safe, and energy efficient new year.  Please share this post if you would like to spread good wishes for the new year.

    Window 101: The Energy-Efficient Qualities of Modern Windows

    Last updated 5 years ago

    One of the main reasons that homeowners decide to replace their windows is to increase the energy efficiency of their home. Older windows, especially those installed several decades ago on older homes, allow cooled air to escape in the summer and heated air to escape in the winter, which increases your energy use and drives up utility bills. Today’s energy-efficient replacement windows are equipped with:

    Glass That Resists Solar Heat Transfer
    In the summertime when the sun shines on your windows, the glass will heat up. The longer the glass is exposed to the sun, the more heat will enter your home. The glazing on modern windows is designed to resist solar heat but still let’s light into your home. Double-pane design also keeps your climate-controlled air inside your home.

    Frames with Low Thermal Conductivity
    In the past, window frames were made of materials with high thermal conductivity that heated up just as quickly as the glass. Modern replacement window frames can be made from fiberglass, vinyl and other materials that do not heat up easily, so your home won’t be affected by outdoor temperature extremes. Ratings by organizations such as EnergyStar and the National Fenestration Rating Council will tell you how much heat a window assembly will let into or out of your home.

    Design That Minimizes Drafts
    The older your windows are, the more likely they are to let drafts into your home. When the temperature outside is very different from the temperature you want to maintain inside, drafts work against your heating and air conditioning and increase your energy consumption. Energy-efficient window assemblies are designed to be as airtight as possible so that your home remains at the temperature you set on your thermostat.

    If you want to install energy-efficient replacement windows on your Southern California home, call Progressive Windows & Insulation at (818) 709-0988 and find out why homeowners in Woodland Hills and Thousand Oaks trust us for professional window installation. We carry many brands of new windows, including Amerimax, Marvin Infinity, Simonton, Amsco, and more.

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