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    Happy Holidays from Progressive Insulation & Windows

    Last updated 5 years ago

    To all our customers, employees, and members of the Southern California communities, we at Progressive Insulation & Windows would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

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    Understanding the Risks of Replacing Your Windows Yourself

    Last updated 5 years ago

    You may be ready to replace your home’s windows for a number of reasons. Perhaps you are redesigning the interior of your home, or maybe you’ve realized that new, energy-efficient windows can save you money on your utility bills. No matter why you’ve decided to purchase replacement windows, you should hire a professional contractor to install them. If you try to do the job yourself, you risk:

    Measuring the Window Incorrectly
    Windows do not come in standard sizes. They should be custom made for the unique openings you have in your home. Measurements for your new windows need to be precise and accurate to within millimeters. Professional window installers know how to accurately measure your home for new windows because they have completed the process for many customers before.

    Damaging Your Home’s Siding
    Before a new window can be installed, your existing windows must first be removed. During this process, it is easy to dent the siding on your home or damage the paint, especially if you don’t have any experience doing home remodeling yourself. Reputable window contractors take care to protect your home’s interior and exterior during the removal process.

    Breaking the Window Glass
    Depending on the size of the windows you require, you may not be able to fit the new panes in your vehicle. And even if you have a van or pickup truck, the inevitable turns and bumps of the drive home could easily damage the fragile glass, especially if you attempt to transport more than one window at a time.

    Improperly Installing the Window
    You cannot simply set the window in the frame. For a square fit, the frames must be leveled and shimmed. Also, you need proper insulation around the frames to ensure that no air leaks out around them.

    The professional window contractors at Progressive Insulation & Windows have installed windows for satisfied homeowners in Woodland Hills, Thousand Oaks, and other Southern California cities. For more information on our professional window services, including warranties on parts and labor, call us today at (818) 709-0988.

    See How Vinyl Windows are Installed

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Although they seem simple, well-designed windows are in fact precisely engineered components of your home. In order to provide adequate protection from heat transfer in summer and winter weather, your window opening must be lined with flashing and insulated. Have a professional contractor handle your window installation to ensure that it’s done properly.

    In regions such as Southern California that experience a great deal of seismic activity, it is especially important that your window installer makes sure the frame is plumb, square, and level. To see the installation process for vinyl windows, watch this video from AMSCO.

    Progressive Windows & Insulation of Woodland Hills and Thousand Oaks professionally installs windows made by AMSCO, Amerimax, and other premium brands. Call us at (818) 709-0988 to ask about energy-efficient replacement windows for your home.

    Get More Information About Replacing Your Home's Windows By Visiting These Links

    Last updated 5 years ago

    When you trust Progressive Insulation & Windows with the window replacement work on your Southern California home, we will provide you with professional installation and responsive customer service. Before the process begins, you can learn more about windows at the following websites:

    Contact Progressive Insulation & Windows at (818) 709-0988 when you are ready to upgrade your home’s windows.

    Great Review on Yelp - Dual Pane Vinyl Window Installation

    Last updated 5 years ago

    We always try to do our best for our customers and appreciate when they take the time to write us a review.  We recently did a dual pane vinyl window replacement in Agoura Hills and the homeowner was kind enough to share his experience with us on Yelp and left a five star review.  Like many of our customers, this one was referred to us from a prior client.  We believe that great work pays us forward and this is another example of that. 

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