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The Happiest Accountant

Last updated 6 years ago

How do you make home improvement purchases? Do you research and carefully compare products and companies? At Progressive, we encourage you to go on line to understand the benefits of a whole-house system and then to make a full cost/product comparison with at least two other contractors.

However, for some people, when it comes to product comparison, price is the only consideration. It is absolutely important to consider the price. But there are other elements that demand attention. Like the installation and final results in terms of benefit and durability. Am I going to benefit from this product for a long time? That says something about the price.

There was once an accountant who loved to examine just the numbers for every home improvement purchase. He had budgeted $1,000 to insulate his attic, and was intent on spending only $1,000 for attic insulation. Nothing could budge him from that consideration. “I’ll die here!” he grimly announced.

Fortunately, his wife listened to the story of whole house insulation with benefits to air quality as well as comfort. She had an idea that her allergies were being made worse by the bad air in the house and was very interested to hear how air-sealing the house and the cooling/heating duct system could noticeably improve home air quality. She was even more interested in knowing that she could save a lot of money by not allowing conditioned air – hot or cold – to escape from the house because of a poorly sealed system.

When the job was complete, Mrs. Accountant settled back in her easy chair and smiled as her husband sat at his desk and figured out exactly how long it would take for their utility savings to pay off the full cost of an energy efficient house. Grudgingly, when he finished his computation, he said, “So, that’s how long it will take to pay it off. But the real kicker is that we get to enjoy the health and comfort for the lifetime of the house. Glad I decided to go with Progressive!” And his wife simply smiled comfortably. 


This was written by Progressive Insulation & Window's very own Ray Adams.  This is a fictional piece loosely based off a real story.  Please share this if you enjoyed reading Ray's work.


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