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How Insulation Prevents Warm Air Escaping Your Home

Last updated 6 years ago

During the warm months, you rely on your cooling system to keep your home at a reasonable temperature. However, your home may have several leaks through which cool air can escape, forcing your central air system to work overtime. Luckily, there are several ways you can keep your home airtight and energy-efficient. Here are a few of the most common cool air escape routes and how insulation can help:

Believe it or not, there are several ways in which cool air can travel straight through your walls. For instance, cool air can blow through the edges of your electrical outlets and escape to the outdoors. The best way to prevent air from escaping through your walls is to install sophisticated insulation all around your home.

Windows—which are, after all, basically large holes in your house—sometimes allow cool air to past through cracks and gaps. If you feel a draft near one of your windows, you should consider installing a tightly-sealed replacement window. Also, a new double-pane window can provide better insulation that helps maintain your indoor climate.

Like windows, doors are essentially large holes that make attractive escape routes for cool air. However, since doors open more frequently, they’re more likely to develop leaks around the edges. In order to keep your cool air inside where it belongs, you should find a door with a tight, long-lasting seal.

Though your attic may store many of your belongings, you probably don’t spend much time up there. Therefore, keeping it air-conditioned is a waste of energy and money. In order to prevent cool air from escaping into your attic and through your roof, you should have a professional install between 10 and 14 inches of insulation.

If you suspect that your home has several air leaks, contact Progressive Insulation & Windows. One of our experts will gladly perform an energy audit and offer you several suggestions on how to make it more energy-efficient. Call us today at (818) 709-0988 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.


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